Ask.FM Hack Tracker – Free Download

Haven’t you always wanted to find out who asked that nasty private question? With Ask.FM Hack Tracker v1.12 you can! With this hack you can now trace every question anyone has ever asked, Ask.FM keeps all the history, all you have to do is use this program to pull it out, all this tool does is take the ip and match that to accounts that have logged in to the tool. This is completely untraceable and compatible with all Windows OS although it works weird with other OSes.

There is also an online hack made specifically for people on mobile devices as well as Macs and other such computers. You can access that for a limited time while all the HCKU numbers get regenerated.

This is some dude using our Ask.FM Hack Tracker v1.12







                                                    DOWNLOADS: 1,131download-askfmhacktracker-button

How to use:

1) Type your username, this part will make sense in a bit

2) Get the URL link to the question you want to track

3) Click ‘Track IP’ and the usernames using those IP’s will be shown in a popup, the program will then check which IP’s have sent your username anything in that time frame and then finally shows that to you.



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